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Find Custom-made Light-up Letters in South East Melbourne

Light-up letters are large and illuminated letters, numbers, or symbols that are designed to be used as decorative elements or eye-catching displays. These displays are perfect for weddings, engagement parties or corporate events. They are simple and elegant, yet so versatile. Illuminated signage can be tailored to specific requirements and preferences.

Do you have an upcoming event in South East Melbourne? CN Visuals brings you Light-up letters to amp up the ambience. We are one of the leading providers of high-quality visual displays and signage solutions across Australia. Our large range of illuminated displays can make your event extra special! Each letter is lit by LED lights, adding a wow factor to your event.

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        Explore Our Dazzling Light-up Letter Collection

        Illuminated letters are a crowd favourite among our customers. You can use our extensive collection to personalise your event with initials, special dates, or company names. Our team can set these extra-large LED light-up letters in any colour of your choice. Here is our range light-up display collection-

        1. Birthday Light-up Numbers: You can celebrate a big milestone birthday or anniversary with luminous and giant letters and numbers. This arrangement creates a memorable event for celebration. 

        2. Initials Light-up Letters: For special occasions like engagement parties, you can pick up the light-up display with the couple’s initials. 

        3. Mr and Mrs: On your reception, you can use our 'Mr and Mrs' giant classic white letters to commemorate the event. We can customise these large alphabets and numbers in your preferred font and colours to match your wedding theme. You can get 'Mr. and Mr.' or 'Mrs and Mrs' as well.

        4. Love Light-up Letters: You can declare your love with our bold love light-up letters. You can opt for vintage bulbs for a more classic look, or use marquee lights for a retro feel. 

        5. Wedding Letters: Make your wedding proposal memorable with our lightweight and easy-to-set-up accessories.  Our light-up letters are the perfect addition to create a romantic and enchanting ambience for your special day. For this, Marquee-style letters can add a touch of glamour to the event decor.

        6. Birth Announcement Light-up Letters: Make your baby shower, birth announcements, or gender reveal party a success with light-up letters. We can create custom arrangements like “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl”.  You can include different colours, such as pink or blue or any other symbols in the illuminated fonts.

        7. Corporate Events and Product Launches: You can boost your brand's presence and leave a lasting impression at corporate events and product launches with our light-up letters. They let you showcase your company’s name, logo, or product in captivating lights. You can personalise the letters to suit your brand's colours or include unique symbols or designs. Make your car shine bright. Light up your brand with custom illuminated car signage.

        Benefits of Using Light-up Letters

        The lit letters bring your party to life and make it a memorable event.  Illuminated numbers and symbols offer several advantages for events. A few of them are:

        1. Customisable and Versatile: LED light signs can be custom-made as per your requirements. The signage company can arrange letters, numbers, and symbols to grab visitor's attention. You can dim, brighten or change colours based on the mood and theme of your event. 

        2. Long-lasting Impressions: Most brands choose illuminated letters for corporate events. Corporate event letter lights are a clever way to promote the business and help your guests locate you. It lets you effectively communicate your brand to a wide audience and make your business event stand out.

        3. Photography Opportunities: You can accessorise your photo boot with these high-quality lighted event letters. These lights enhance the floral arrangements, giving you the right amount of illumination for perfect photos. 

        4. Sets the Mood: These lights can set the mood or theme for your event. You can use bright, colourful lights to create a fun and festive atmosphere. For a corporate or formal event, you can opt for softer, more muted colours.

        5. Enhanced Visibility: Illuminated signage offers increased visibility, particularly in low-light conditions. It ensures your event stands out in crowded areas or at night, grabbing more attention and potential attendees.

        6. Storytelling and Memory-making: These displays offer a unique opportunity to tell a story and create lasting memories. You can convey a special message by arranging the letters to spell out meaningful words, phrases, or names. This personal touch adds depth and sentiment to your event.

        Craft Memories with Custom Light-up Letters at CN Visuals

        Celebrate your special occasion with light-up letters. At CN Visuals, we offer a versatile collection of light-up letters that cater to a wide range of events, occasions, and personal preferences. Our fixtures are lightweight, easy to transport and add a dramatic effect to your event. When you partner with us, you get:

        1. Stress-free Service: Our team of experienced professionals ensures your event is a success. The team listens to your needs and recommends lighting solutions accordingly. We take care of the arrangement and the logistics, taking off much of the stress. 

        2. Affordable Light-up Letters: We offer great prices on giant marquee letters and numbers. With us, you can book these accessories and execute your event to plan.

        3. Free Quotes: We provide free measures and quotes to ensure you get the best value for your money. Our team can help you choose the most suitable design options that balance cost-effectiveness and impactful visual communication. 

        Do you want to add glam effect to your upcoming event in South East Melbourne? CN Visuals brings you illuminated letters and light-up numbers for hire at affordable rates. These customised illuminated letters can make your event a success. We are available on 0425 609 798 or at You can talk to our team to know more. 

        FAQ About Light Up Letters
        What kind of letters, numbers, and symbols do you offer?

        We offer an extensive range of letters, numbers and symbols, including birthday light-up numbers, Mr and Mrs, wedding letters and so on. You can talk to our team on 0425 609 798 or email us at for more information.

        The letters are available in different sizes and can be customised according to your needs. We have a portfolio filled with images of our successful events. Talk to our team to know more.

        We offer light-up letters in different styles, starting with classic white lights and vintage bulbs to marquee lights.

        Additional services like design consultation and on-site assistance depend on several factors like event location, your budget, and so on. You can talk to our team for more information.

        You can book light-up letters for your event from our official channels. Choose from our range of signage options and reach out to us. We are available on 0425 609 798   or at .