3D Acrylic Letters Sign in South East Melbourne by CN Visuals

When looking for bold, attention-grabbing advertising solutions, 3D acrylic letters work best. Their three-dimensional design gives them volume and depth. These letters are suitable for multiple occasions like company logos, reception signs, residences, corporate purposes, etc. As one of the leading manufacturers and installers of 3D signages, CN Visuals can offer a myriad of 3D lettering options.

Our 3D sign letters and shapes in South East Melbourne are made from different materials to add a dynamic factor to your branding. Also, adding an illumination factor to these signs adds an artistic flair to your signage. Ensuring easy installation is crucial to us, that’s why our signs come with strong adhesive tape at the back. Several other types of mounting methods are available to suit your needs.

Types of 3D Acrylic Letters We Offer

We make three-dimensional letters by cutting from an acrylic sheet using a laser cutting table or a computer-controlled router. The depth of the custom acrylic signs depends on the sheet’s thickness. This means, the more 3D appearance you want, and the thicker the sheet will be.

On top of that, our expert professionals can create different shaped, styled, and illuminated acrylic letter designs. Our approach encompasses combining varied colours, graphics, fonts, etc. to craft attention-grabbing 3D signs. Here are some of the types of acrylic letters you can get from us to beautify your exterior or interior:

     Solid Acrylic 3D Designs : It is one of the popular choices among businesses as they look elegant and can be customised for a multitude of applications.

     Hollow Acrylic 3D Signs : Acrylic letters for branding that have a hollow interior are a smart way to advertise what the brand is about. Since they are empty, you can use a variety of materials to fill them like glitter or water.

     Front-lit Acrylic 3D Letters : Our 3D illuminated letters are made using acrylic sheets and LED lights to create an illuminated effect. As a result, they create a modern and striking effect that can easily grab many eyeballs.

     Back-lit Acrylic 3D Signage : It is another form of LED-light signage that you can use indoors or in exteriors. The backlighting illuminates the solid blocks, which creates a halo effect and increases the visibility of your sign.

     Gradient Acrylic 3D Letters : Our 3-dimensional signage can also incorporate variations in colours within a single letter. You can either blend multiple colours or choose different shades of the same colour,that completely depends on your brand.

     Frosted Acrylic 3D Signs : If you want your 3D sign letters to have a blur or foggy quality, you can opt for this kind of lettering design. They not only look elegant but also help with diffusing light to offer privacy.

Increase brand recognition 24/7 with eye-catching illuminated signage . Learn more about our custom options!  

Benefits of Laser-cut Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letter designs are popular for businesses that want quality signs to stand out to customers. Whether you’re looking for striking interior signage or a water-resistant option for outdoors, the right product can be worth the investment. The advantages of choosing this method of advertising are:

     Customisation :  You can obtain personalised 3D acrylic name signs by laser-cutting acrylic letters.  These acrylics can be crafted in diverse thicknesses, colours, sizes, and font styles. From blocks to illuminated letters, there are many options available at CN Visuals for you to choose from.

     Versatility : 3D acrylic letters are a dynamic design element that can add creativity to any project. Made using sturdy and weather-resistant material, these signs give a glass-like appearance. This versatility makes them perfect for branding, promotion, or decorative purposes.

     Visibility : Three-dimensional letter signs can be illuminated using different lighting methods like LED lights. When lit, they can further boost their visibility, especially in low-light conditions or during the night.

     Durability : Acrylic as a material can withstand heat and climate changes. The material does not warp, dent, peel or corrode when exposed to weather elements.  

     Brand Recognition : By choosing a unique set of colours, finish, texture, and font, your brand can be identified easily with custom acrylic signs.

Why Choose CN Visuals for 3D Letters?

At CN Visuals , we anchor our years of experience to provide clients with customised 3D acrylic letter designs. Our aim is to support businesses in developing signage that can amplify their brand awareness. Whether you prefer mounting them onto a building or opting for a free-standing structure, we strive to amplify their visibility and add a distinctive touch. Here is how we can make a difference:

     Custom designing, manufacturing, and installation services

     Quality fabrication without compromise

     Durable and long-lasting

     Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction

     Competitive prices

     Quick turnaround

Want to add an extra dimension to your business? Call us on 0425 609 798 to know more about our designed 3D acrylic letters in South East Melbourne. You can also email us at chandresh@cnvisuals.com.au to schedule a meeting with us. 

FAQs About 3D acrylic letters

The sizes of our 3D letters vary depending on the requirements of the client. You can select the thickness of the acrylic sheet; it can be 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, or above. Talk to our experts on 0425 609 798 to know all the customisable options.

The sizes of our 3D letters vary depending on the requirements of the client. You can select the thickness of the acrylic sheet; it can be 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, or above. Talk to our experts on 0425 609 798 to know all the customisable options.

Yes, our team can fit electrical lights to the acrylic fabricated letters to make them glow. This translucent graphic sign element draws the eye of passersby. Plus, you have the option to get back-lit or front-lit acrylic 3D letters.

At CN Visuals, you get the flexibility to customise your 3D signage based on style, size, thickness, font, texture, etc. Additionally, you can choose either a back-lit or a front-lit design for illumination. In other words, we can fully personalise the acrylic letter.

Yes, our personalised 3D acrylic name signs can be used for both outside and inside applications. These laser-cut 3D letters can effectively fit trade show displays, office signs, or retail signage. Get in touch with us to get your 3D letters designed and installed.