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Many businesses think pole signs, stationary wall stickers, or hanging boards are the only means of signage.  However, sail strip banners are also an effective and unique form of branding. Creating an attractive advertising flag for your business can increase its visibility and get your message out to the world. At CN Visuals, we offer customisable sail flags to help clients expand and promote their brand to the fullest.

Our sail track banners in South East Melbourne are long, narrow signs that often have a distinctive "sail-like" shape. They are an exceptionally sound strategy for cost-effective, outdoor advertising and marketing. You can also use these banners at a fair, festival, or grand opening, or to promote special offers. 

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Benefits of Sail Strip Banners

Sail strip banners, also known as Feather Flags give a carnival-like appeal that can attract any demographic. Their dynamic visual appeal can make it hard for potential customers to ignore. In addition, they come in various sizes and colours which makes them suitable for various applications. The numerous other benefits of advertising sail flags for your business are:

     Lightweight : One of the best advantages of sail banners is they’re fabric-made. This lightweight feature makes them perfect for easier transport and installation.

     Easy Assembly : The sail banner installation process is comparatively easy, saving a lot of time and trouble. All you need to do to secure the flag in place is slip the printed fabric onto the pole.

     Durable : Another benefit of wind flags is they are weatherproof and long-lasting. Whether it’s the scorching heat of the sun or rain, they can endure all temperatures.

     Minimal Maintenance : It doesn’t require much to keep your sail flags neat and clean. You can either put them in the washing machine or spot-clean them by hand and air dry.

     Customisable Design : Businesses can fully customise the sail banner design to match their requirements. We offer various personalisation options for indoor and outdoor banners. From custom printing to size variations, our team will take care of everything.

     Dynamic & Versatile : The portability and minimalist design of sail strip banners make them unique and versatile. You can adjust them into tight spaces, thanks to their slender look.

     Brand Exposure : Due to their eye-catching, vibrant appearance, sali banners can make your business stand out in the crowd.

     Cost-effective Advertising : Despite their high-quality materials and vibrant appearance, sail strip banners are cost-effective advertising solutions . Our designing and printing costs are quite reasonable and we offer personalisation choices to match any budget. 

Customisation Options for Sail Strip Banners

If you want to effectively attract customers in South East Melbourne, opt for sail strip banners. The reason is you can easily customise them to match your brand’s voice. Here is what CN Visuals has to offer:

     Height : Whether looking for short, tall, or medium, we have various sail banner sizes to offer. It will depend on factors like:

     Brand message


     Space available

     Visibility and viewing distance

     Shape : The commonly used style of feather flags that we provide are:

     Classic:   This style features a straight body shape with arched bottom and top, resembling a feather.

     Teardrop: They are wider and curved at the top, while the bottom is narrowed, creating a distinctive teardrop shape.

     Straight and Edged: The top is feather-shaped, whereas the bottom is rectangular, offering a blend of traditional and modern designs.

     Colour : You have the feasibility to choose the graphics and colours that reflect your brand identity. From bold to subtle tones, we can ensure what you want.

     Finish : Opt for the kind of sail banner material you want, such as cotton, polyester, or nylon. 

Applications of Sail Strip Banners

A business can use advertising sail flags for a variety of reasons. These banners are fun to see and they associate with your brand’s voice as well. The following are the several ways of implementing them:

     Outside Your Store : Enhance your shopfront with eye-catching banners featuring tailored messages to attract attention.

     Retail Promotions : Banners are great for informing the public about ongoing business sales or offers.

     Restaurant Patios : Well-designed messages highlighting the speciality of your menu can attract many passers-by.

     Trade Shows : If your business has a booth at a trade show, you can use attractive event banners to create an impression. Their portability, lightweight, and easy-to-assemble features make them appropriate for a one or two-day event.

     Grand Opening : Bold, fluttering banners are a great way to inform your existing or new customers about a new franchise or start-up.

Get Your Brand Noticed Today with Sail Strip Banners!

Do you want to make marketing fun and inexpensive? CN Visuals is here to offer you the right, affordable custom-made flag. We have the knowledge and expertise to design high-quality sail strip banners in South East Melbourne. Call us on today on 0425 609 798 or email at to get a customised flag tailored to your specifications.

FAQs  About Sail Strip Banners

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Yes, you can reuse the flag pole of sail track banners. However, you’d have to get your new designs printed on a new cloth.

Yes, we can easily customise sail flags according to your requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss your banner’s colour, shape, size, or graphics needs.

Many people or businesses use advertising banners at popular fairs, trade shows, expos, and festivals to market their products or services. They are also quite popular for cafes, restaurants, schools, universities, open houses, etc.

Taking care of feather flags is very easy. First, you need to remove the flag from the support. Then, you can use a soft brush and neutral soap to remove the dirt on the cloth. Lastly, leave the cloth to air dry. Similarly, you can clean the flag pole using a fresh cloth.

Can sail strip banners withstand outdoor weather conditions?

Yes, sail banner material is made durable enough to last long. This means it can withstand rain, heat, or cold weather and fluctuating temperatures.