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Wall graphics are an impactful way to transform plain surfaces into eye-catching visual displays. These graphic installations are widely used in various settings, including commercial spaces, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and even homes. These prints are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Do you want a budget-friendly option to make your drab walls new again? CN Visuals offers high-quality wall graphics and printings for your South East Melbourne property. These decals are easy to install, long-lasting and can be custom-made to your requirements. Our team works closely with you to understand your ideas and create a stunning visual representation. We help you choose the graphics, colours, and layout so that we can provide you with wall graphics that reflect your style.

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Expert Wall Graphics Printing: From Design to Installation

Wall decals add colour to your blank walls and make your room come alive. Installing them is a straightforward job and the results are fabulous. During the designing phase, our team closely works with you for inputs and suggestions. Here is a breakdown of our design-to-installation workflow:

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin with understanding your vision, goals, and target audience. Our team can visit your site to assess the space. In the initial step, we try to gather information about your preferences, colour schemes, and any specific elements you wish to incorporate.

  2. Designing: While designing wall stickers, our team explores various creative concepts with you. Based on your feedback, these professionals create a design that meets your vision.

  3. Finalisation and Approval:  We create a high-resolution mock-up for approval. When you agree with the mock-ups, the team forwards the designs for printing. 

  4. Printing: Once the designs are ready, we discuss the suitable material thickness, colour accuracy, and any limitations. For outdoor advisements, our printers can create UV-safe stock that won't blur in the sun.

  5. Installation: After the wall stickers are ready, our installation team prepares the surface and makes it ready for the job. They clean and dry the wall, removing dust, dirt, and traces of peeling paint. The professionals mark the placement of the wall graphic to align them at the intended place. Lastly, they remove the pre-masked adhesive backing and install the wall murals.

Even though installing wall stickers is pretty straightforward, you have to take care of a few things. They are: 

     Wall Texture: Before installing a wall decal, ensure the walls are smooth. Most vinyl wall graphics and decals do not stick well to highly textured walls.

     Weather: Extremely hot or cold weather can make it difficult to install decals. A cold surface can cause the decal to tear, while a hot surface can weaken the adhesive.

     Size of Decal: If wall branding stickers do not fit or align with the wall corners, they need to be trimmed. To shape the edges, you can use a sharp utility knife.

Benefits Of Wall Graphics

Removable wall stickers are popular among homeowners and commercial property owners. Some of the benefits of adhesive decals include: 

  1. Branding Promotion: Wall graphics and murals are a popular marketing tool. The impactful visuals can generate interest among customers for your product or service.

  2. Customisable Designs: You can use customisable wall stickers to spread information about your business.

  3. Lasting Impression: Wall graphics and murals enhance space and add a lasting appeal to it. They can spruce up a room and help communicate your company values.

  4. Cost-effective Décor: Mural or vinyl sheets are considerably inexpensive. These are easy to install and last long.

  5. Enhanced Customer Experience: Wall graphics can be used to create engaging environments that enhance the customer experience. You can include inspirational quotes, informative displays, imaginative murals, or branded backdrops. These visuals can evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  1. Flexibility and Customisable : You may want full-wall murals, branded graphics, or decorative accents, wall graphics can be tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Design Your Dream Wall Graphic with CN Visuals

Do you need wall stickers for décor? We can help you out. Our experienced team can help you design and install stunning murals for your property. Extend your graphics beyond the wall. Create custom window stickers that complement your existing wall art.

Here are a few reasons why our customers trust us:

  1. Experienced Professionals: Our team has experience designing and installing wall graphics for customers with different needs. We have completed multiple small and big projects. To get an idea of our style and perspective, you can check out our portfolio.

  2. On-time Delivery: When you work with us, you get a detailed timeline for project completion. The experts give you estimates for the design, production, and installation of wall graphics. We ensure the deadlines align with your needs and do not disrupt your workspace.

  3. Open Communication: We work closely with you to understand your needs and vision. The team is responsive to your questions and listens to your feedback. 

  4. Affordable Services: You get complete design and installation services at competitive rates. We offer transparent pricing and itemised billing so that you know what you are spending on.

  5. UV-resistant Stock: If you plan to display your banners outdoors, we've got you covered. Our UV-resistant stock prevents your banners from fading in the sun so that your message remains vibrant and visible even in outdoor settings.

  6. Variety of Sizes: We offer a variety of sizes to choose from. Whether you need small decals for indoor use or large banners for outdoor display, we have the perfect size to meet your needs. Our team can also help you select the right size for your space.

At CN Visuals , you get custom-printed wall graphics for your property in South East Melbourne. Call us on 0425 609 798 or drop us an email at . Our team can help you revamp your space.  

FAQ About wall graphics printing

The ease of installing vinyl wall graphics depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of the design. You can talk to our expert installers on 0425 609 798  or drop us an email at for more information.

At CN Visuals, we use top-quality materials to ensure that your wall graphics make a lasting impression. To further protect your banners from the elements and extend their lifespan, we offer lamination services. If you want to promote your brand in open spaces or outdoor events, we provide UV-resistant graphics to make them more durable. 

You can use custom wall graphics for both residential and commercial purposes. They are popular for decorating homes and retail spaces. You can use them on any flat, non-porous surface for custom wall graphics.

The ease of removing wall graphics depends on several factors, such as the quality of the vinyl, weather conditions, and so on. To know more, talk to our professional team on 0425 609 798 or drop us an email at

What types of materials are used for printing wall graphics?

Several types of materials are commonly used for printing wall graphics, such as PVC vinyl, polyester fabric vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and so on. 

The material your business banners are imprinted on influences their exhibition. Top notch materials put a more prominent effect on business advancement additionally expanding its life span. In case you will your banners outside in open space, we can print on UV-safe stock that won't blur in the sun. We can likewise overlay your banners to shield them from the components so they will stand the trial of time. 

These banners arrive in various sizes, so picking the correct size for your business is essential. 



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